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Our Services
We can transform your idea to a great product.
Native Mobile Apps
We offer native Android & iOS app development services to help you launch a groundbreaking apps with unique UI/UX design.
Responsive Website
We build fast-loading, highly optimized experiences that will work across a wide range of devices.
UI / UX Design
Great mobile design is more than looks. It’s how things work. Our experts understand what your mobile users want from an interface.
QA & Test
Our QA/Test team has an extensive knowledge of testing a wide range of devices and platform's QA standards.
Support & Maintenance
Software projects breathe. We provide “support and maintenance” service to live it healthy and make it maintainable.
Digital Money & M-Commerce
We shipped a lot of marketplace and e-commerce projects including back-end & mobile apps development. Also, we developed Electronic Money / Digital Wallet apps.
Scalable Back-end
We specialize in providing efficient, secure and scalable back-ends to both startups and large companies.
API Development
We develop and deliver API layer for make it possible client or third-party integrations.
Back-office & CMS
We create web solutions including complex web systems, back-office softwares and CMSs.
Marketing & Growth
After your product shipped, we go further and together with you to define "after" strategies, find new features and plan their implementation.
Project Management
Our PM service will save time for you. Our experienced PM's will undertake the hardest work of coordinating the working process to complete project.
AWS Management
Our services are outlined to handle server administration & server support right from design to deployment and hassle-free installations, configurations & infrastructure optimization.